Hello! Welcome! My name is Ryan Goberdhan and I am a multi-media artist from New York! As a kid I was always fascinated with art and always dreamed of being an artist. Fast-forward 15 years and I am now living my dream! For years I tried to find my unique style but felt sticking to one medium and style restricted me. I believed that all successful artist were known for their singular style and that it was the route I had to take. I eventually realized that I didn't want to constrict myself and decided I would take a crack at any medium or style that interested me!​ I paint, physically and digitally, draw with pens and pencils, cartoon and even create art using geometric shapes like my self portrait to the left of this paragraph! I love adding a new style to the list of works that I can create! I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I do! Don't forget to take a look at my shop so that you can have one of my artworks hanging in your home!